“The unique fusion of individual innovative technologies will provide a novel diagnostic tool leading to a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia.”

Lars Kaestner, Coordinator of CoMMiTMenT

UZH and Epigem start trial for newly developed instrument

January 15, 2018

CoMMiTMenT partners UZH and Epigem launched the combined Memantine/MeChem trial in Afula Hospital, Israel, in December 2017. MeChem is the result of both partners’ collaborative work within CoMMiTMenT. The diagnostic device could help identify which patients are most likely to benefit from the tested medicine and monitor the impact of different treatment doses on patients and prevention strategies. It could also have applications to other diseases, such as diabetes.

Both PIs, Anna Bogdanova (UZH) and Tim Ryan (Epigem), were present at the launch in Israel. This precedes the involvement of other CoMMiTMenT clinical partners in the near future in the evaluation of the prototype.

More information on the clinical trial can be found here.