“The unique fusion of individual innovative technologies will provide a novel diagnostic tool leading to a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia.”

Lars Kaestner, Coordinator of CoMMiTMenT

CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix publishes paper on Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast

February 20, 2017

CoMMiTMent Partner OptoRobotix announced publication of the paper “Holo-GPC: Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast” in Elsevier’s Optics Communication Journal, issue June 2017. The article introduces a hybrid of holography and GPC, coined Holo-GPC, which can efficiently control both the individual shape and the collective distribution of a light beam resulting from light shaping methods based on spatial phase-only modulation. The full paper is already available online and can be viewed here.