“The unique fusion of individual innovative technologies will provide a novel diagnostic tool leading to a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia.”

Lars Kaestner, Coordinator of CoMMiTMenT

News archive

  • Oct
    Committed until the End: Final Meeting of CoMMiTMenT
    The CoMMiTMenT consortium met for the project’s final meeting at the Institute of Veterinary Physiology of the University of Zurich on September 18-19. CoMMiTMenT coordinator Lars Kaestner (Saarland University) welcomed representatives from all project partners as well as Dr Paola Bianchi (Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico), who joined the consortium as external...
  • May
    Honour for CoMMiTMenT partner ORX
    OptoRobotix ApS founded as a spin-out of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2013 get an appearance on the newly established “Wall of fame” in their alma mater. The “Wall of fame” celebrates successful spin-outs or start-ups originating from either Danish- or EU-funded R&D at DTU leading to actual R&D-based tech-transfer exploitations. The wall was inaugurated during DTU’s Annual...
  • Jan
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix ApS at Photonics West 2018
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix ApS presents three papers at this year's Photonics West in the sub-conference Complex Light & Optical Forces. They will be addressing questions of contemporary optical cell sorting and the new research discipline coined Light Robotics. In addition, PI Jesper Glückstad acts as co-chair, session chair, executive planning member and has SPIE Fellow duties at the...
  • Jan
    UZH and Epigem start trial for newly developed instrument
    CoMMiTMenT partners UZH and Epigem launched the combined Memantine/MeChem trial in Afula Hospital, Israel, in December 2017. MeChem is the result of both partners’ collaborative work within CoMMiTMenT. The diagnostic device could help identify which patients are most likely to benefit from the tested medicine and monitor the impact of different treatment doses on patients and prevention...
  • Aug
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix Publishes Invited Review Paper on Light Shaping Techniques
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix announced their publication of the invited review paper “Light Shaping with Holography, GPC and Holo-GPC” in De Gruyter’s Optical Data Processing and Storage, issue June 2017. The article compares two spatial phase-only modulation techniques: phase-only computer generated holography and Generalized Phase Contrast (GPC). It further discusses novel hybrid schemes that...
  • May
    6th CoMMiTMenT Progress Meeting adjacent to the 21st ERCS Meeting
    Double opportunity to talk about rare anaemias and their treatments
  • Feb
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix publishes paper on Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast
    CoMMiTMent Partner OptoRobotix announced publication of the paper “Holo-GPC: Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast” in Elsevier’s Optics Communication Journal, issue June 2017. The article introduces a hybrid of holography and GPC, coined Holo-GPC, which can efficiently control both the individual shape and the collective distribution of a light beam resulting from light shaping methods based on...