“The unique fusion of individual innovative technologies will provide a novel diagnostic tool leading to a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia.”

Lars Kaestner, Coordinator of CoMMiTMenT

News archive

  • Aug
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix Publishes Invited Review Paper on Light Shaping Techniques
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix announced their publication of the invited review paper “Light Shaping with Holography, GPC and Holo-GPC” in De Gruyter’s Optical Data Processing and Storage, issue June 2017. The article compares two spatial phase-only modulation techniques: phase-only computer generated holography and Generalized Phase Contrast (GPC). It further discusses novel hybrid schemes that...
  • May
    6th CoMMiTMenT Progress Meeting adjacent to the 21st ERCS Meeting
    Double opportunity to talk about rare anaemias and their treatments
  • Feb
    CoMMiTMenT Partner OptoRobotix publishes paper on Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast
    CoMMiTMent Partner OptoRobotix announced publication of the paper “Holo-GPC: Holographic Generalized Phase Contrast” in Elsevier’s Optics Communication Journal, issue June 2017. The article introduces a hybrid of holography and GPC, coined Holo-GPC, which can efficiently control both the individual shape and the collective distribution of a light beam resulting from light shaping methods based on...
  • Feb
    Register now for 21st ERCS Red Cell Club Meeting in Heidelberg
    Organized by CoMMiTMenT Coordinator Lars Kaestner of Saarland University, the 21st ERCS Red Cell Club Meeting, subtitled “Erythrocytes life cycle – from stem cells to senescence”, will take place at the EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) from 27 April to 1 May 2017. Registrations and abstract submissions for this international expert conference are welcome via the official website, where information on...
  • Jan
    CoMMiTMenT Consortium member ORX announces book publication in the Elsevier Nanophotonics series
    CoMMiTMenT beneficiary ORX announced the publication of a book entitled “Light Robotics – Structure-mediated Nanobiophotonics” in the Elsevier Nanophotonics Series, for May 2017. This book, co-authored by Jesper Glückstad, ORX founder and Professor and Group Leader at the Department of Photonics Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, and Darwin Palima, Associate Professor in the...
  • Dec
    European Commission (EC) co-funded project e-ENERCA successfully ended on 30th September 2016
    In 2002, the EC co-funded project ENERCA, which stands for European Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias, started with its first phase (European Network for Rare Congenital Anaemias) dedicated to congenital anaemias. It continued with a second phase (European Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias) incorporating, in addition, acquired rare anaemias, while the third phase of ENERCA focused...
  • Nov
    OpenIOLabs at Innovate 2016, Manchester
    CoMMiTMenT consortium member OpenIOLabs won one of the only 100, much sought-after places available at Innovate UK, which took place on 2 and 3 November, 2016 in Manchester, UK. This exhibition presented a mixture of start-ups, scale-ups and export-ready businesses at the cutting-edge of their field, delivering originality to the UK and beyond. OpenIOLabs was proud to exhibit and demonstrate...