“The unique fusion of individual innovative technologies will provide a novel diagnostic tool leading to a better understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of rare anaemia.”

Lars Kaestner, Coordinator of CoMMiTMenT

OpenIOLabs Limited (formerly trading as Ionscope)

OpenIOLabs Limited, headquartered near Cambridge UK, is the world leader manufacturer in the field of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM), a rapidly emerging Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) technique which allows to map the surface topography of a sample at nanoscale resolution without making contact with it.

Founded in 2004 as a spin-out of a successful research and development program at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, OpenIOLabs is now manufacturing its second generation of SICM products meeting the needs of a global market, including a strong European client base.

The OpenIOLabs site includes a research and development facility, a research and testing laboratory area, and a production area for manufacturing and assembling of components of the microscope.


  • Dr Ward Hills
  • CEO
  • OpenIOLabs Limited (OpenIOLabs)
  • Future Business Centre Kings Hedges Road
    CB4 2HY Cambridge
  • Phone: +44 1223 703 15
  • Internet